Achieving a satisfying martial arts workout that provides high levels of fitness, self-defense skills and the exploration of mindfulness is, in the best of times, challenging. Imagine that there is a way you can now experience all of these attributes in the safety and comfort of your own home. The time is now, and the way is at your very fingertips with the Setvr Virtual Reality format, a state-of-the-art platform that puts you in the center of all this martial arts action in real time.

Coupled with National Sport Karate Museum, and its Founder/CEO Professor Gary Lee, the Setvr team is embarking on a Martial Arts Adventure unparalleled in its scope and historical content. They have created an historical Japanese village in virtual reality that will house the History Portal that serves to educate the visitors concerning martial arts history in an ever-expanding format. Some of the subjects to be covered will include its pioneers, the men and women who made their mark on the warrior culture as illustrious teachers and champion competitors with more to come. Interested, excited. Wait no longer to investigate what awaits you and visit us to experience a free demo at

"visit us and experience the Setvr Virtual Reality format Booth at martial arts events WHEREVER you see our logo."‚Äč

-Dr. Reggie Lee, Designer/Developer-