Finally, a ring of distinction in remembrance of 70 illustrious years of Sport Karate in America.
All History Generals of the Sport Karate Museum and Ambassadors are eligible to proudly display one of these beautiful commemorative rings to the world.

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 The New Sport Karate Museum History General and Ambassador Ring!

Professor Gary Lee-

Introducing the new and exclusive Sport Karate Museum History General and Ambassador Classic, Custom Embroidered, Black Blazer.


  So now you can proudly display your prestigious honor of being


Professor Gary Lee’s Sport Karate Museum by donning this stylish,

exclusive Black Blazer with your title and name handsomely

embroidered in rich gold thread over the left breast pocket for all

to see and admire.

  If you are a registered Sport Karate History General or Ambassador,

then, only you are qualified to wear this eye-catching jacket, so order

today and be ready to arrive at the next karate tournament or ceremony

in style.

  The full cost of this exclusive Blazer is a mere $250.00 donation which

includes the custom embroidering of either the title Sport Karate Museum

History General or Ambassador and your first and last name on this classy Black Blazer, plus shipping and handling to your door. If you are a History General or Ambassador, please contact Professor Gary Lee at the Museum offices at 713-483-0476 or by e-mail at to order today. 

Welcome to the Sport Karate Museum Store

A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting the National Sport Karate Museum and its mission of protecting our Sport Karate History, one warrior at a time. Thank you for your support.

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Introducing the Official History Book for the Sport Karate Museum History Generals

The Sport Karate Museum History Book is a perfect networking tool.
History General's will have an opportunity to share:

Personal biography
Biographical information on your schools
The specialty of martial arts training
School Address
Social media connections
Plus, Online Directory Listing
Advertising opportunity 
And much more.

The Official History Book for the Sport Karate Museum History Generals
 Order your special copy of this historical book for only $39.95 (soft cover) or $59.95 (hard cover).

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The Sport Karate Museum History Book
Honoring the History Generals of the Past and Present

What a tribute! For all the great martial artists of the world. The inspiration for all our young men, women, and kids of the present and future to aspire to be one of the legends of the world and the Martial Arts. Professor Gary Lee has poured his heart and soul into this project, along with countless others. May God Bless all the warriors.