The US Martial Arts Film Festival shows exclusively martial arts movies for fans across the US and around the world.  2023 is the50th Anniversary of "Enter The Dragon" opening in the US for the first time.  The Festival is from February 2 to 5, 2023 in Scottsdale Arizona.                                             
Some of the movies we will show on the big screen include
  Enter The Dragon
  Drunken Master
  Chinese Connection
  The 36th Chamber
  The Big Boss
  The Black Dragon
  The Way of the Dragon

If you love great martial arts movies and the Sport Karate Museum, this is the event of the New Year for you! 
 And every 4-day pass including the use of the SKM coupon code (SKM-Sport Karate Museum), at the time of purchase, the event will donate $50 to the Sport Karate Museum. A Happy New Year win-win for sure!

  Introducing THE OFFICIAL

 US Martial Arts Film Festival

February 2nd through 5th, 2023

in ​Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona​​

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Some of the martial arts movie superstars who will be in attendance include:

  Don the Dragon Wilson                     Janice Hung

  Cynthia Rothrock                               Gerald Okamura

   Ron Van Clief                                     Chiu Chiu Ling

   Eric Lee                                                TJ Storm

   James Lew                                           Dragon Dronet

   Billy Blanks                                          Karen Shepherd 

THE FIRST 300 attendees will be rewarded with an exclusive VIP meet & greet mixer at the RED CARPET EVENT on February 2, 2023, as well as all access to panels, vendor hall, screenings, and jury-selected screenings.

Times a wasteing!

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