Sport Karate Museum Archives

Phase 1 and 2 of the revamping of the History Generals picture listings have been concluded and are ready for your viewing enjoyment.

Please note that many of the listings currently have the History museum patch place older due to the fact that the early generations of History General honorees were first listed in name only. Therefore, if you find your name needing your picture, please send a high-resolution photo to and include your full name and a phone number if I have any questions on your listing. Pax, Tom Spellman, Museum Website editor.

To view your picture: Please move your cursor upward to the green HISTORY GENERAL button on the first upper row of the green buttons you'll find at the top of the Museum site homepage.  A green dropdown menu will appear with the alphabetized name listing categories when you scroll over the button area. then choose the correct letter of your last name and double click it. Scroll down to the section you're seeking and view your picture.  Enjoy! 


The men and ladies who pioneer sport martial arts as we know it today.